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Excellence Drives Our Work

Creating spaces for life is both a privilege and responsibility
Freedom Place at Old Parkland N. Campus, Dallas
Brick / Limestone / Boulders

Approximately 230,000 wood mold bricks were laid in a full Flemish bond pattern, including numerous specially-shaped bricks. Used in 1904 on the Old Main Hospital and restored in 2008, Indiana limestone was chosen due to its enduring longevity. 

Turtle Creek Offices, Dallas
Granite / Custom Marble

Also known as the Perot family offices, this project included all facets of stone installation from the exterior vertical Indiana Limestone; interior vertical and horizontal surfaces consisting of Indiana Limestone, Valders Dove Grey Limestone; and all vertical and horizontal exterior hardscape surfaces consisting of Virginia Jet Mist granites and Texas Leuders Limestone. 

Old Municipal Building - Renovation and Restoration (UNT Law) Dallas
2020 International NSI Pinnacle Award Winner
Marble Restoration

Exterior remediation was performed, including patching, repairing cracks, removal and cataloguing of damaged pieces for fabrication of replacements, and refinishing. Also included was interior remediation and recreation of original elements, including refurbishment of numerous stairways and replication of the lobby's grand staircase.

Houston Museum of Natural Science
International NSI Pinnacle Award Winner
Stone Houston + Travertine + Granite

Since 1909, the Houston Museum of Natural Science has played an integral part in the city’s cultural and educational fabric. While there have been many renovations since its conception, the most recent consisted of adding roughly 230,000 square feet of space for a paleontology exhibit. This expansion used vein-cut travertine from Mexico with a complementary granite base, totaling roughly 21,000 square feet for the exterior stone skin.

Dallas Country Club
Brick / Cast Stone / Rock

Exterior rock veneers laid in mortar, cast stone, full-depth and thin brick veneers, and varied masonry fireplaces were utilized for this project. Interior elements of stone and masonry with ornate stone surrounds and hearths, vaulted corridors accented with unique lightweight cast stone trim, cut-to-size marble and granites throughout the building in varied forms at staircases, bar tops, lavatories and flooring created a next-level standard of elegance for the storied facility.

Hall of State, Dallas
Brick / Limestone Restoration

In 1936, the Hall of State was built in commemoration of Texas’ statehood. To bring it back to its former glory while maintaining historical integrity, DBI repaired cracks, stone mortar joints, parts of the plaza deck and limestone treads, and restored approximately 95,000 square feet of Cordova Cream Limestone, removing decades of carbon and biological staining, as well as remediating extreme damage. 

Trammell Crow Center – Renovation, Dallas
2019 International
NSI Pinnacle Award Winner

A 50-story skyscraper utilized 175,000 square feet of polished and flamed granite faced precast on the exterior and handset marble meticulously set throughout the interior lobby. The original stone materials were removed and replaced during an extensive remodel of the lobby, entryway, and sitework over a 10-month period while the building remained open.

Church of the Incarnation, Dallas
2016 UMCA “Golden Trowel Awards” Category Winner 
Brick / Cast Stone

The Church of the Incarnation utilized 4,700 square feet of Concrete Masonry Units (CMU), often referred to as architectural block; 46,000 modular faced brick; and 31,000 square feet of cast stone in the three-building expansion. The exterior masonry is comprised of five different brick blends to match the pre-existing Neo-Gothic architectural design. Ornate interior cast stone features were constructed, such as a two-story-tall altar, cast stone columns, stone pedestals with arches, and engraved name plates. 

Chosin Few Memorial
Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery

A monument to the battle of the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War, this memorial at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery is sponsored by the Metroplex Military Charitable Trust. The DFW Chosin Few Memorial will be a 12-foot-tall, polished black granite wall with text engravings on both sides telling the story of the battle. Low-relief bronze sculptures will depict men who distinguished themselves in the battle. The memorial will be topped with a stainless steel Star of Koto-Ri, a symbol of hope, and a paved plaza will provide an area for students who visit the cemetery on field trips. 

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