Dee Brown, Inc. (DBI) is a family owned and operated company founded in 1955 in Dallas, Texas. While our foundation is in the conventional masonry market, through the years we have become a leader in the industry with broad expertise in all types of exterior and interior stone applications.

Our renowned craftsmanship makes us the preferred contractor to architects, builders, owners and designers. In our continued effort to add value, our focus has more recently expanded into the high-end residential and commercial interior finish-out market.

The addition of the stone finishes division, along with the expansion of our fabrication shop, allows us to provide in-house fabrication, installation of cut-to-size floors, countertops and architectural elements



The third generation of leadership at Dee Brown Inc. is focused on broadening the business and leading the marketplace in custom stone fabrication. We remain dedicated to the values set forth in our mission statement and will continue to embrace our family business culture that promotes teamwork, development of people and holds true to our commitments.


C. Dewitt Brown, Jr. – Founder
Robert V. (Buddie) Barnes, Jr. – Chairman of the Board
Robert V. (Rob) Barnes, III – President and CEO 



Our vision is to provide the highest quality by leading our industry in innovation, developing strong relationships with our clients and suppliers, working as a team to exceed our customers’ expectations, and delivering exceptional craftsmanship within budget and on schedule. 



Our mission is to provide customer satisfaction through dedication, reliability, and integrity while producing the highest quality product. 




DBI has always been committed to being an industry leader. In 2008, the Masonry Contractors Association of America (MCAA) introduced their certified mason contractor program. We at Dee Brown have pushed for such a program within our industry for many years and will be committed to become one of the first in our industry to obtain such a certification. 


On September 5, 2008, Rob Barnes, on behalf of Dee Brown, Inc., became the 1st Certified Masonry Contractor in Texas, and 4th nationally, fulfilling all CEU credits and passing the certification exam.


In 2014 Dee Brown became the first MIA Accredited Commercial A Contractor in Texas and also became a MIA Accredited Natural Stone Fabricator.




We at Dee Brown Inc. believe that safety must be first and it must be personalized.  Each team member must take interest for their safety and the safety of the jobsites where they work.  We believe that our team members are our greatest asset and the safety of our team members is our foremost concern. 


DBI is an active member in the Association of General Contractors (AGC/Quoin DFW) and the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) both of whom have signed OSHA partnerships. 


All employees who are part of the Construction Team will be required to complete at a minimum the OSHA 10 Hour Certification. DBI Construction Team breakdown of the requirement will be as follows:

Estimating & Marketing - Minimum OSHA 10 Hour

(Includes all levels and areas of Estimating / Marketing)


Project Management - Minimum OSHA 30 Hour

(Includes all Levels and areas of Project Management)


Construction Operations - Minimum OSHA 30 Hour

(Includes Senior VP Construction, General Superintendents, Foremen, Labor Foremen, Operators)

In addition to the OSHA Training, DBI has embarked on an Emergency First Responder Program. DBI has required all office and supervisory personnel to take Emergency First Response Training.


If Safety is truly to become part of our culture, we must not only embrace it, but educate ourselves not only to be knowledgeable in our trade, but all trades as they interface with us on a daily basis. Personalizing safety will allow us to contribute positively to the success of the overall project and will take client services to a new level.




The transformation or realization of this goal will come to be when we as a company complete the shift in focus from ourselves to that of others. This will come, but it is a fire that must permeate all functions of our business.  It will spread regardless of form, function, or position.  It will be the very fabric that takes our company to the next level.