Highland Park Residence

This project involved construction of a modern architectural style estate property in Highland Park, Texas. This stone fabricator/installer’s role came into play late in the project, when corrections were needed to some specialty stonework.

The home’s center is formed around the main entry. The floorplan is largely open, but parallel core wall areas serve to define the foyer, kitchen, dining, and living areas. As key areas, the Architect put special focus on materials selection for the core walls. It was decided that Indiana limestone would be the finish, and that the cladding panels would all have unique continuous horizontal groves.

Material was received and installed by the original subcontractor. Upon seeing the completed work, it was evident to the Architect and Owner that groves in the fabricated material were not consistent, and that the installation process had left numerous chips to the panels. It was at this point that the partially completed work was removed, and the second fabricator/installer was contacted.

This fabricator ordered the Indiana limestones slabs, with delivery to their own fabrication plant. There special care was taken to hold tight tolerances to the horizontal grooves as well as to the typical cut-to-size aspects. Erection of these mechanically set panels was done very carefully. And the result was a clean finished product with none of the tolerance and chipping issues of the original installation.

Additionally, this stone fabricator/installer was called upon to create and install special stone finishes at the adjacent half-bath. Material started as a $10,000.00 3CM slab of “Semi-precious White” onyx. It was transformed into a lavatory top/bowl assembly, water-closet wall cladding, and even tissue and towel holders.

In the end the installed work was nearly blemish-free. The Owner was a pleasure to work with and was pleased with the finished product.